3* INT
24. - 26.5.2019

3* INT
14. - 16.6.2019

3* INT
12. - 14.7.2019

3* INT
30.8. - 1.9.2019

3* INT
16. - 18.8.2019


These are our current partners and sponsors for the season 2019

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GWT is looking for PARTNERS and SPONSORS

We are doing our best to bring you the high-quality GWT competitions.
Every support will help us to move it a level higher!

Golden Wake Tour is currently the biggest European wakeboard competition. Since the establishment of the Golden Wake Tour in 2015 and its one-time competitions on various cables in Slovakia and Czech Republic, this Tour has expanded and starting in 2017 it has stops all over the Europe. In 2019, the Golden Wake Tour will have 5 stops in 5 European countries. Golden Wake Tour is the only wakeboard competition this kind to attract the best competitors from all over the World.

One of the most exciting benefits of sponsoring Golden Wake Tours is your company's ability to reach out to a wide audience across the Europe. Wakeboarding, and especially cable wakeboarding, is a young, modern and progressive sport, which is getting more and more popular and is currently being driven to the Olympics in 2024. Be on the rise of this exceptionally fast-growing sport.

Facebook VIDEO: #wake2024

The social nature of this sport creates an interesting mix of riders and audience, who are typically a mix of different age groups and professions.

Current wakeboarding interest’s counts are 7.6 million people. [S: Facebook 1/9/2018]

Golden Wake Tour has attracted the biggest names in cable wakeboarding from all over the Europe since 2017. On each race we have in average 80 competitors including European and World champions. These competitors have a combined global social and media reach of more than 500,000 followers. We also have a great reach within our media and the venues where the contests are held, and by 2019 this will be at least 222,661 followers on Facebook and 27,223 on Instagram and countless others on different websites and blogs. [Data obtained from Facebook & Instagram on 01/02/2019]

High-quality competition organization and a wide range of social media has been the key to build the Golden Wake Tour, which has become famous as the best European wakeboarding competition. The competition is highly supported by the IWWF International Wakeboard & Waterski Federation, and the content for social media is produced by our highly qualified team of cameramen, drone pilots and editors.

Content includes:

Opportunities for cooperation:

All of these advertising opportunities will not only be present on site of the competition but will be subsequently recorded both in photo-documentation and on videos from the event and then shared across all our social media platforms. These are just some of the opportunities that are available if you decide to join the Golden Wake Tour.

In case you are interested, and you would like to be seen and cooperate with us beyond the above, we would be glad to create a special package for you.

DONATION for Prize Money

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Bratislava Wake Club - BWC
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Var. Symbol: 4982019100

We are riders organizing these events for riders! We do this all for you in our free time and we hope you like our GWT events.

Thank you very much for your support!

All money collected here will be added to the prize money in GWT 2019 events.

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